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Space Survival Multiplayer Kit offers a Top-Down 2d interactive game where you have to survive on a spaceship from an unknown foe.


Do you want to save time by starting with an Out-Of-The-Box project?

This project is for both people that want to create a game or want to learn how a game works. No strings attached. Both code and assets, you own them.

What is a Game Kit? A Game Kit is a package filled with useful things to develop a game, like building blocks. It is not a full game but the pieces that make one.

The project is not Early Access anymore. As most planned features are already in place, the package will receive it's full price from December.

Important: This project was build with Unity 2020.1.8f1 -- future versions should work. Backwards it might not. The rendering pipeline is URP.

  • You can create and sell games with this package. 
  • You cannot distribute this package free or paid.

Manual here: https://bit.ly/37ydbky

Space Survival Multiplayer Kit (v0.2.0)


  • Player movement script
  • Player idle animation
  • Player movement animation
  • Body Reporting
  • Voting in the Emergency Meeting
  • NEW Character Customization
  • NEW Pre-made custom hats


  • Keypad random code
  • Card swiping
  • Wire connector
  • Start Reactor
  • Unlock Manifolds

Photon Network

  • Connection to the Master Server
  • Connection to a Room
  • Instantiating Network Prefabs
  • Position Sync
  • Animation Sync
  • Kill functionality via RPCs
  • Lobby functionality | Room creation & selection 
  • Chat Functionality
  • Role Assignment
  • Password Protected Rooms
  • Secret Rooms
  • Player Name Change
  • Voting
  • Finalize Voting & kick someone off the ship (or not)

Other Game Features

  • Main Menu
  • Assign sound to different areas (sounds not included)
  • Pre-made map

Exclusive Content:

  • Fully commented code
  • Instruction manual - How to set the project up & running in no time
  • Special Main Menu Background
  • Password protected and private Rooms
  • Default Map already in place

What's in the Package

By choosing this package you will have access to a full unity project, all code and art included.

All future updates will be available, regardless at which price point you bought it.

Q & A

When is the project getting it's final release?

You can check the progress of the project by checking the tutorials that run along side it.

Are you going to add more features to the project?

Currently, the features planned to be added are in the "Planned features for later releases" section. It might change with user feedback.

I found a bug where do I report it?

You can directly report it here, in the chat provided by itch.io

Where can I join the community?



Bought the asset?

Request a special discord role and get access to a private channel for support!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRedefine Gamedev
Tagsamong-us, Multiplayer, Sci-fi, Space, Unity


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 1.0.1.zip 883 kB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 1.0.0.zip 890 kB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.2.0.zip 1 MB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.1.3.zip 1 MB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.1.2.zip 1 MB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.1.1.zip 1,022 kB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.1.0.zip 1 MB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.0.4.zip 1,002 kB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.0.3.zip 997 kB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.0.2.zip 954 kB
Space Survival Multiplayer Kit - 0.0.1.zip 752 kB

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dude🤬 i need a free version


This art pack is looking kinda sus


It's a little SUS ඞ

Hope you like it :)

sir which file among all we have to download

you download the latest version


Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Is this Among us ?


It is a game kit containing functionalities inspired from the game Among Us. 

It's based on a tutorial I'm making about the game. You can follow it for free or buy the package.

hey, I'm interested in the mini games aspect, but I see that while among us has something like 15 mini games in its original map, theres only 3 included and no more planned, can you consider redoing the remaining mini games?

Hey! Thank you for your interest in the package!

I have received this feedback from other people as well and I have planned for more mini games in the future. If you want to suggest which ones, join our discord server

I will buy since the videos are good. Its a way to support videos. =)


Hey, XuTi Game Development! 

I am really glad that my videos bring value to you.

Huge thanks for the support and you are most welcome to the Redefiners Gang on discord.

See you on youtube and/or discord!

Have an awesome day!

did innnersloth use this?

Innersloth created the game from scratch, by themselves. This is a kit resembling the game they created. It's still in early access and you can check the video series to create a game similar to among us yourself.

This asset is for people that want a shortcut and don't want to spend hours in the video tutorials.